New audio version, read by Rosie Taylor, up on the Short stories page.

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Best-selling author of “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry”, Rachel Joyce, talks about her latest novel, “The Music Shop”, writing for radio and the part music has played in her life. Go to the Interviews/Books page to read the written interview or to hear the extended audio conversation.

SCRIPTAnother in Chipping Norton Literary Festival’s series of day workshops held recently, featuring screenwriting lecturer, Mark Norfolk, screenwriter, Maggie Innes and writer and performer, Ginny Davis. Thoroughly recommended for those with a script lurking in the bottom of a drawer, or for those with the inclination to write one!   (In conjunction with

Check out the Book Interviews page for audio excerpts from a lunchtime pub conversation with Wilkie Martin, author of the four books in the “Unhuman” trilogy, (yes, you read that right). All four novels have been recently recorded and the first two, ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Blood’ and ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Curse’, are now available on Amazon, Audible, iTunes or from library audiobooks. They are narrated by Tim Campbell, an award winning audiobook narrator and actor.

Listen to a sample of ‘Inspector Hobbes and the Blood’at the link below:-

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My short story, “Out To Lunch” has been accepted by Penny Shorts, an online site dedicated to discovering and promoting new writers. To read the story, please go to the following link:

An interview with founder, Catherine Evans, is now live on my Interviews/Books page, where she talks about the site and what she looks for in a story.

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A Book By Lester TricklebankA fantastic radio play, first aired on Radio 4 in 2015 but re-broadcast a few days ago. Written by Richard Lumsden and directed by Sally Avens, it was an absolute treat; heart-wrenching but wonderfully life-affirming. Starring Stephen Tompkinson and Rebekah Staton, the photo shows the cast in the studio.

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Two autumn shows just announced: Thursday, 28 September at The Beehive, in Swindon and Friday, 6 October at Peppers in Gloucester.

We’ve been working on some new material, so hopefully it’ll be rehearsed and ready to go in time….See the EVENTS page for more details.

Look out for my interview with author, Wilkie Martin which will be available on the site soon. Wilkie is the creator of the not-quite-normal Inspector Hobbes and the hapless Andy Caplet and author of the four books that make up the Unhuman Trilogy (yes, you thumbnail_WILKIE MARTINread that correctly), a series of comic, fantasy novels. I have had the pleasure of reading Wilkie’s work over many years and it is great to see him enjoying success in the writing world. Along with his partner, Julia, he’s grasped the opportunities of both hard copy books and e’books and downloadable content and shown that, with hard work and determination, authors can make a living from their work. Wilkie talks about this and much more in the interview….available soon.

Spent an evening  in the agreeable company of Michael Burdett, author of the wonderful book “Strange Face”.  In the 1970s, working as a post-boy at Island Records, Michael was given permission to take a batch of old studio tapes to re-use. One of them caught his eye: “Nick Drake, Cello Song” with the words “with love…” scrawled on the box. Nick Drake died in 1974 aged just 26, as a relatively unknown artist but is now hailed as one of the most influential singer-songwriters of the past 50 years. It was over 20 years before Michael played the tape and when he did, he was astonished to hear an unknown version of “Cello Song”, one of Nick Drake’s most-loved songs. With CD and headphones, Michael travelled the country, offering people the chance to hear this “lost recording” – from well-known actors and musicians to city bankers, farmers and hairdressers, “Strange Face” is a unique set of photographs detailing his journey.

Michael also performs the live, spoken word show “Strange Face”, a show which celebrates life’s little coincidences and Nick Drake’s legacy. The show won Darkchat’s Best Fringe Show at Edinburgh in 2016. More details can be found at

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Blues In Britain

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Just had a 2-page article published in Blues In Britain. Seeing your work in actual print is always rewarding and helps you to forget how long writing the thing actually took! Now….off to Cornbury Festival to pick up my Press Pass…