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  • Friday 12th May 2017  6-00pm – Peppers Arts Cafe, Gloucester

Performing with my friend, poet Derek Healy at the wonderful Peppers in Gloucester. No music this time, just an evening of short stories and poetry, accompanied by great food and a beer or two…or three…


A Postcard from Switzerland

It’s August in the Swiss Alps and you should be here with me. I’m astounded at the sheer beauty of the white-capped peaks and the waters run clear and fresh. The engine strains as we climb the Julierpass towards St.Moritz. Last night was Gams and we’ve been beaten into silence by two girls yodelling onstage (our clumsy blues-rock was nevertheless rewarded by cherry brandies) . We’ve played on an island in an electrical storm, up in the mountains near Innsbruck and at a cowboy club near Stuttgart (don’t ask). The Rheinfalls at Schauffhausen heaved with tourists and Lindau was pretty, Lichtenstein was gridlocked with Austrian lorries and Garmisch felt like being home (or maybe it was just the beer). One more tonight, then we’ll say goodbye to Muhlehorn and the Walensee and set the wheels for home. You should have been here with me.

Yodelling Reinfall me & Nick Julier Pass 4 Gams team pic Gams Nicks moment Gams KT & NJ 3 Gams 1 CNV00021 Albatross leads the way