Wilkie Martin, prose and a pint…

Posted: 09/09/2017 in Uncategorized

Look out for my interview with author, Wilkie Martin which will be available on the site soon. Wilkie is the creator of the not-quite-normal Inspector Hobbes and the hapless Andy Caplet and author of the four books that make up the Unhuman Trilogy (yes, you thumbnail_WILKIE MARTINread that correctly), a series of comic, fantasy novels. I have had the pleasure of reading Wilkie’s work over many years and it is great to see him enjoying success in the writing world. Along with his partner, Julia, he’s grasped the opportunities of both hard copy books and e’books and downloadable content and shown that, with hard work and determination, authors can make a living from their work. Wilkie talks about this and much more in the interview….available soon.



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