Nicholas John taking a break from a tour


Nicholas John is a Gloucestershire-based writer and musician. He is a co-founder of WordSong, a collective performance group that combines contemporary storytelling with music, photography and art.

Nicholas John has worked in music all his life, successfully avoiding the stigma of a company pension or annual bonuses. He has, however, been responsible for pallets of Pan Pipes albums and lorry-loads of Line Dancing compilations.

Putting that behind him, he turned to writing about music. He has penned concert reviews for magazines and sleeve notes for several album releases. He’s interviewed Bob Marley’s guitarist, Junior Marvin, and John ‘Rabbit’ Bundrick (keyboard-player for The Who and Free) and is currently working on two long-term projects: a book based on his concert-going experiences from 1977 to the current day, and a memoir about the partial rise and undignified fall of his own rock band.

Nicholas John and Keith ThompsonIn his WordSong show, he won’t be demonstrating a diminished minor seventh, or trying to explain exactly what jazz is, but the perils of folk music and Barry Manilow’s most prominent feature may well get a mention.

Nicholas is also a successful writer of short stories, published regularly in The Stow Times and Graffiti, the magazine of the Gloucester Writers Network. His first collection of stories is published as Tales Tall and True. Stories comprise the basis of his Moses Wiggins show, set to music and accompanied by musician Keith Thompson.

This website showcases Nicholas’ writing – his short stories, both written and performed, and his words on music.

Poster for gig at Peppers Cafe