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Almost by accident, reading my stories aloud morphed into the multi-media WordSong live show, performed by Moses Wiggins with guitarist, Keith Thompson – live spoken word, contemporary storytelling, music and visuals. And look out for Words On The Wire, the new spoken word show from Writers’ Block performed with poet, Derek Healy.

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_DSC7141[1]“Words are not enough. Never quite enough, not by themselves, slipping away unnoticed and uncared for. Ideas flicker and disappear, lost to uninvited thought. He listens to Dylan and Joni Mitchell, the table strewn with paper, scribbles, CDs and a collection of short stories by Manuel Rivas that flows full to the brim. And yet, through the blurred edges of the early hours, something will seduce his imagination and will gently bring him its gift, slowly at first then with greater urgency. He will take it and twist it, turning it this way and that, informing his characters to live and to breathe – fashioning them forth, finding their words and casting them into fiction…”

Adapted from the short story ‘The Writer’ (2012)